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This depends on the availablity of time. Keepimg in view the availability of time, a man of normal health should practice Asanas for 45 minutes daily and for 15 to 20 minutes daily. If Kriyas are to practiced, 30 minutes should be devoted for them.


In case of disease: Can Asanas be performed during a disease or not, is another common question. For certain disease, Asanas could be helpful, but for some other the effects thereof could be adverse. For ex. In the casr of ulcer, heart disease, tuberculosis and high blood pressure, Asanas like Sarvangasana, Vipritkarni, Halasana and Uddiyan would be harmful whereas Supta- Vajrasana, Simhamudra, sitali, Chandrabhedana, Savasana, Vajrasana, Chakrasana, Tongue-lock, etc. Are helpful. The same is applicable in hernia, appendicitis, acidity, cold, asthama, bronchitis and colitis, where some Asanas could prove helpful, while some others will give rise to ill effects. Hence a teacher must be consulted at this juncture. And it should always be kept in mind that the Asanas are performed very cautiously when you are patient.


If we do not fell like doing Asanas?

In that case, we should try to analyz the reason for our laziness and try to see whether the mind is wandering or we are feeling fatigue or lethargy. We should know our mind and accordingly we should trained it.

The good effect of Asanas should always be born in mind. In case of unavoidable circumstances, the practice may be dropped for the time being. Otherwise the normal yogic routine should not be broken. Remember, health is the foremost necessity for a person to encounter the present day atmosphere and society successfully.