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yoga diet plan | yoga diet chart | Yoga practitioner eat?

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yoga diet plan | yoga diet chart | Yoga practitioner eat?

 Yoga diet chart  Details of  Yoga practitioner  

With regard to diet, the most common question asked is, what and how much should a Yoga practitioner eat? Swatmaram has very simply and aptly answered indicating towards Asanas should be performed before or after the bath? 

"Eating sweet and junctuous food offered first to the almighty ( that is, not eaten for ones satisfaction), leaving one fourth of the  stomach empty- this is knows as "MITHAHARA".

"The good grains, wheat, rice, barely and Shastika(a special variety of rice), milk, ghee, sugar,butter, sugarcandy,honey,dry ginger, the patolaka fruit (paravara-a kind of cucumber), the five leafy vegetables, green gram and rain water collected when the sun is in Magha (the tenth lunar mansion) etc. are considered to be wholesome food for advanced Yogins". 

Another question about diet is whether the non-vegetarian food is advisable?

Here there are two points to be considered. As far as our mental state is concerned we can get rid of anger and tensions by avoiding food rich in protein. today it has been unanimously accepted that the vegetarian food also contains all those nutrients which are present in non- vegetarian food.

Hence it is the duty of vegetarians to popularize the vegetarian food amongst the nonvegetarain and   westerners, because they do not have the idea that through vegetarain articlesss delicious dishes can be prepared. Of course, the vegetarian diet should contain varities of articles to get the nutrition value. Here I wish ti invite attention to the question- why should the life of another living- being be the source of our palatable (taste) happiness? Let us keep this in mind ; the animal being led to the slaughter- house is terror- stricken before it is slaughtered due to which its bloodstream is contaminated with certain hormones which can be detrimental to those who consume the non- vegetarian diet by the way of mental and physical strains.And, have we ever thought another factor: "Why do the Non- vegetarians consume the vegetarian animals only?" I request the readers to think over this.