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HTML interview question 2022

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#hrml #html interview Question

HTML interview question 2022

HTML interview question.

  1. What is html how it works ?
  2. Is some compiler required to run html?
  3. What new update in html?
  4. What is the meaning of<DOCTYPE html>?
  5. Difference between HTML and XML.
  6. What do you mean by a markup language?
  7. Can you share examples of other markup languages and how they differ from HTML?
  8. What version of HTML do you use in your projects? How is HTML 5 different from HTML 4?
  9. What are attributes in HTML?
  10. What are data- attributes good for?
  11. Describe the difference between &<script>, <script async> and <script defer>.
  12. Why is it generally a good idea to position CSS <link>s between <head></head&> and JS <script>s just before </body>? Do you know any exceptions?

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